In addition to the manufacture of specialised equipment, LesInTech is also engaged in the design and manufacture of various metal structures necessary for such mechanisms:

  1. Supporting metalwork — the base for installing equipment.
  2. Service platforms and ladders — special structures that are required for maintenance and control of the production process of hoppers, heat generators, coolers, etc.
  3. Fences to comply with employee safety standards and protect devices from damage.
  4. Metal sheds — structures to protect a certain space from external influences.

Any metalwork ordered from our company is manufactured individually for each project. Our company has its own design department and production facilities, which allow us to produce and deliver any structures with high quality and on time.

Металлоконструкции для оборудования

It is important to note that factory-made metalwork is of higher quality. When you order the associated structures from LesInTech, you get a high-quality finished product, including delivery, installation and comprehensive technical support services.

Металлоконструкции ЛесИнТех