Equipment and Technology Expertise

Nowadays, almost every production company runs a large number of different devices in the process of manufacturing. To keep their performance at a high level, it is necessary to carry out periodic external expertise assessments of industrial equipment.

When does a production appraisal need to be carried out?

  1. When equipment has been in operation for longer than a certain period.
  2. When production lines are not sufficiently large to handle the output volume.
  3. When the equipment is subjected to heavy loads.
  4. When any accidents or injuries occur due to the failure of the machinery.
  5. During preventive inspections in order to determine the overall condition of production lines.

LesInTech specialists also carry out equipment value assessments, which are a crucial procedure when purchasing second-hand machinery. It is through this assessment that our customers are able to make the right comparison between price and quality.

What will the technical expertise of industrial equipment determine?

  1. How efficient the process chain is.
  2. Productivity bottlenecks.
  3. Reliability of units and mechanisms of current production plants.
  4. Wear degree and market value in case of purchasing second-hand production lines.

These are the factors that will increase the output productivity and reduce the cost of the manufacturing process.

LesInTech’s services in the equipment and production technology expertise

The main objects of expertise carried out by our company are:

  • Equipment and components.
  • Raw materials used in production.
  • Manufactured products.

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The following three questions can mainly be answered by conducting a production assessment:

What is the root cause of the malfunction?
Is the equipment suitable for further use?
Are there any irregularities in the technological process?

The main stages of the expertise carried out by LesInTech specialists are as follows:

  1. Getting to know all the documentation related to the object in question;
  2. External inspection of the equipment;
  3. Testing the equipment in working condition;
  4. Assessing production and identifying faults;
  5. Detailed report on the facility condition prepared by the expert.

Do you want to know the state of your plant? We have long been involved in the design and manufacture of equipment, as well as the construction and modernisation of plants in general, so we know all the processes in detail, which makes it easy for our team to carry out an assessment. When you call on the experts from LesInTech, who have many years of experience in the bioenergy and processing industry, you will always get a complete report with an assessment of the suitability of the required equipment.