Engineering is a consultancy service for the design and development of equipment specifications to be implemented prior to production start-up.

This procedure is an integral part of the preparation of the production process and technological lines, making it possible to determine their optimum composition, parameters, raw material balance and energy consumption. The aggregate of the data obtained also makes it possible to estimate the cost of the technological process.

Production engineering services provided by LesInTech

Through the careful design of all complex installations, our team of experts will ensure that all equipment works perfectly. Our engineers will develop the ideal concept for your company to help increase not only the volume and quality of production, but also the direct income from it.

Engineering of technological equipment may include the following activities:

  • Study of technical documentation;
  • Production research to identify bottlenecks;
  • Development of the necessary process solutions;
  • Selection of suitable equipment and drawing up a plan for its location;
  • Ensuring an energy balance;
  • Determination of the number of personnel required to operate the lines;
  • Analysis of the safety and efficiency of the selected equipment;
  • Estimate of production volumes;
  • Drawing up a plan for the manufacturing, delivery and installation of the technological equipment;
  • Approval of the preliminary design specification.

When selecting and manufacturing equipment for a customer, we take great care to ensure that it meets all requirements and has a high level of performance. Our team strives not just to provide technical equipment, but also to study the specifics of our customers’ production and choose exactly the equipment that will guarantee high-quality and safe work.

Advantages of equipping your production facility with LesInTech equipment

We have long been engaged in the production of technological lines for the processing industry. Over the last 10 years we have managed to implement a large number of projects and become a general equipment supplier for various large companies.

In addition to professional engineering of industrial equipment and production processes, we also provide consulting, training and technical support services. Our team of experienced specialists is committed to the design, manufacture and installation of equipment at a highly professional level. Therefore, by contacting us at the very first stage (the engineering stage) you will no longer need to waste time on a long search and selection of specialists for the complete start-up of your enterprise. We will be with you from start to finish!

To take advantage of our services or simply to consult our experts, all you need to do is contact us by phone or email. We will provide you with competent and clear advice before you set up your production facility.