Plant Modernisation

One of LesInTech’s main activities is the modernisation of existing plants to increase productivity and stability. This work can be carried out without stopping the production process for an extended period of time.

Plant refurbishment and modernisation is not just about replacing obsolete equipment with newer ones. It also involves introducing new technology and automating all stages of the plant’s operations.

Objectives and types of plant modernisation

Depending on your production goals, our company will help you to achieve:

  • An increase in productivity;
  • Defect elimination;
  • An increase in overall revenues;
  • Lower labour costs;
  • Improved quality of products manufactured;
  • Work optimisation and reporting automation.

Modernisation of existing enterprises is being carried out in two ways: on an integrated and pointwise basis

Integrated modernisation of production facilities is designed to increase productivity by optimising production lines or adding entire sections to expand the production range. In the process, our experts identify defects and determine the equipment that needs to be replaced. Once a work plan is agreed on, the LesInTech team proceeds to implement it step by step. As a result, you, as the customer, receive a finished automated system that will meet all your production requirements.

Pointwise technical modernisation involves replacing individual pieces of equipment or additional installation and clearing all bottlenecks. After identifying the problem areas in production, our team of specialists will start updating the production line elements.

Recycling plant modernisation by LesInTech

In improving plant technology resources, we develop a customised plan for each customer. Here are the key steps of our team’s work:

  1. Quick assessment of the premises.
  2. Checking the equipment and identifying problem areas.
  3. New equipment selection and delivery.
  4. Assembling and commissioning the new equipment.
  5. Testing the installed equipment and components.

Our company’s modernisation process also includes additional services such as:

  • Expertise and engineering;
  • Maintenance;
  • Manufacture of individual pieces of equipment, both standard and non-standard.

It is not only companies with obsolete equipment that need this kind of service, but also those that have recently started production lines. After all, today’s technology is constantly evolving, and every plant needs periodic refurbishment to meet the latest market demands.

It is worth noting that using the latest technology requires a high level of skill and professionalism from staff. To help customers train their own staff, our company also provides training services for employees on the new machines.