Mounting and Commissioning Work

Thanks to our own installation team formed by commissioning specialists, we are able to provide a full range of production start-up services. This enables you to get your production up and running without any intermediaries.

LesInTech provides adjustment of the processing industry at any stage of its existence: this can be the installation and commissioning of one or more pieces of equipment or the installation of complete processing lines. The services provided by our specialists ensure all the necessary conditions for obtaining a finished production without involving third parties or using own resources.

Installation carried out by a team of professionals consists of several stages:

  1. Quick assessment of the premises and preparing them for installation.
  2. Collecting all the necessary elements and structural components.
  3. Installation of the equipment itself.

Before starting up an installed production line, each piece of equipment must be pre-commissioned. Pre-commissioning may include:

  • Development of a commissioning plan;
  • Verification of equipment and technical documentation;
  • Identification of faults and their elimination;
  • Testing the equipment in operating condition;
  • Adjusting emergency start-up and shutdown systems;
  • Drawing up a report on the readiness of the equipment for operation.

One of the main benefits of a complete job package is the team’s responsibility for the quality of the work. In any project, we always try to give 100% and guarantee the completion of all tasks.