Personnel Training

One of the most important elements of a successfully run production facility is the well-trained personnel.

The training process itself is carried out both at the time of commissioning and during steady operation at a given capacity. This way, supervisors and operating staff can enhance their skills and qualifications and subsequently increase their ability to operate the equipment properly. 

Users are sometimes faced with issues in production processes that require third-party expertise or cost estimation to reduce operating costs. Our company can provide this kind of service, either remotely or in-house.

According to the requirements and wishes of the client, LesInTech staff builds a training plan for the personnel. This type of training aims at achieving the following objectives:

  • Introduction of new techniques and technologies;
  • Preparation of company personnel for the latest changes in the system;
  • Developing new skills in the company’s employees;
  • Management simplification and much more.

Our extensive experience in solving various complex and non-standard technological problems, our versatile team of experts and our partnerships with equipment manufacturers and technical research organisations enable us to build fruitful relationships with our customers and find solutions to all their challenges.