Commissioning of wood pellet production by Magistral-Transit, LLC is nearing completion

Magistral-Transit, LLC is a wood processing enterprise located in the Ulkan urban-type settlement of Irkutsk Region. The Company’s core business is wood logging, hauling and processing.

(Русский) Органические гранулы ООО «РосОМУ»

(Русский) Новое направление – гранулирование птичьего помёта, мощностью 1 тонна в час.

Construction of an organic pellet production facility for RosOMU, LLC

Organo-mineral Fertilisers (RosOMU, LLC), which operates its technology for the production of highly effective organo-mineral fertilisers, has opened a new business line — poultry manure pelleting at capacity 1 tonne per hour.

Equipment supply for the Murashi Plywood Plant is starting

The plant in Murashi, Kirov Region, Russian Federation, is a modern high-tech birch plywood plant with a capacity of 60,000 cubic metres per year.

(Русский) Карельский «Русский Лесной Альянс» провёл модернизацию

(Русский) Модернизация производства для увеличения мощности линии гранулирования до 9 тонн в час и выхода на европейский рынок.

Modernising the pellet manufacturing facility for Russian Wood Alliance, LLC

Russian Wood Alliance, LLC is a major logging and wood processing producer and an experienced pellet producer. After deciding to modernise their pelleting plant, they chose us.

The second phase of Atlant, LLC pellet plant modernisation has started

At the end of last year, Atlant, LLC launched a renewed production line for high-quality wood pellets based on a CPM pellet press and installed a new drying line and raw material feeding system.