Roller conveyors

For many years, LesInTech has been one of the most important manufacturers of various equipment for the wood processing industry and industrial agriculture in Russia and the neighbouring countries. Therefore, if you wish to buy such equipment as a roller conveyor for your enterprise, you can always contact our professionals.

In addition to manufacturing driven and non-driven roller conveyors, LesInTech specialists are also involved in the delivery, installation, automation and commissioning of such machinery.

When manufacturing a rollway bearing, almost every unit is customised to the client’s needs. Accordingly, both the final specifications and the price of roller conveyors always depend on the customer’s requirements and production volumes.

To place an order and buy a rollway bearing or other conveyors, all you need to do is leave an order on the website or contact our representative by phone. Purchase quality equipment with a guarantee of efficiency directly from the manufacturer at the best price.