The loading and unloading of bulk materials using conveyors and hoppers cannot be done continuously. When a certain amount of product is reached, the flow must be stopped. A bulk material slide valve is used for this purpose.

This type of shut-off valve is designed for mechanical separation of normal pressure and increased pressure. The bulk material shut-off valve is also used when emergency shut-off or preventive maintenance work has to be carried out. 

You can buy valves for conveyor belt in several designs:

  • Rotary valve. It separates the air medium with different pressures and ensures the transfer of products from one medium to another.
  • Solenoid valve. It takes away the flow of conveyed material on chain-type equipment with a lower leading branch.
  • Pneumatic valve. It cuts off the flow of weighed products in various devices. 

The valves differ in terms of their function, drive type, capacity and some other technical parameters. 

Bulk materials dosing units are indispensable in production where weighing products are used. These units are primarily required for handling wood waste and chips in the production of pellets. In addition, systems with dosing units are also relevant for the agricultural, food and processing industries.

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