Screw conveyors

The performance of a screw conveyor in industrial plants depends not only on the engineering training and quality of production. Much depends on the technical design of the device, in particular the number of spirals inside. Therefore, it is possible to buy a screw conveyor for bulk materials from LesInTech in various designs, depending on the production needs: 

  1. Single screw.
  2. Double screw.
  3. With three screws.
  4. With four screws.

The entire system is driven by an inner chamber containing screws, through which the material is moved. A gear motor turns the screw and its momentum is transferred to the drive shaft with the conveying screw coils. As a result, the maximum discharge window and high output are maintained.

We offer screw conveyors made in Russia by LesInTech, capable of dosing and handling large batches of raw materials. The following is provided:

  • Hoods for gear motors;
  • Remote bearing lubrication;
  • Cost-effective screw size of 10-80 cm;
  • European gear motor;
  • Use of different types of steel;
  • Adjustment of the screw conveyor capacity to the process requirements.

The set price for horizontal trough screw conveyors, even with delivery, makes ordering from us the most cost-effective option.