Vibrating conveyors

The presented vibrating conveyor for bulk materials acts by the principle of conveying coarse waste from the sawmill process to the chippers.

You can easily approve the required device model directly on the website and buy a vibrating conveyor with the capacity and specifications of your desired level. On request, a load-bearing device with a mesh bottom can be supplied, capable of replacing the separator. This is needed when separating sawdust and chips from the products being conveyed.

Conveyor equipment from LesInTech is capable of conveying large blocks of sawmill waste up to 10 cubic metres per hour. The operation of the device can be based on either a local or imported motor. The trough is either suspended or mounted on a frame. Of course, it is safer to base it on a solid substrate. When suspended, special crash supplements are used. The trough on which the vibrating conveyors will carry the load is made of strong steel.

The final price of a vibrating conveyor depends on the dimensions required and the functions to be performed, so the cost of the conveyor equipment is decided after setting and analysing the terms of reference.