Vibrating Conveyor

The dimensions and specifications of the equipment are agreed upon individually and depend on the functions required.

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The basic principle of the vibrating conveyor is to deliver targeted vibrations. This pushes the coarse wood waste from the sawmill towards the working (chopping) elements.

In other words, it’s not just the vibrations that take place inside the unit, but the directional oscillating movements. This is why the operation of the vibrating conveyor is completely predictable and controllable. It is not difficult to coordinate the required movement of loads, and it is even possible to influence the characteristics directly during operation. Vibration inducers can be installed both above and below the groove without affecting the practical performance of the equipment.

Our vibrating conveyors are perfectly suitable for use in sawmills and wood processing plants. Most drives have an output of at least 3,000 watts, which enables a sufficiently large payload flow through the load-carrying channels.

The specific parameters of the load-carrying vibrating conveyor are specified in the technical data sheet. It is possible to produce a device with a mesh bottom and a separation mode for foreign particles from the conveyed wood.

Capacity max. 10 m3/h

Drive power 3 kW

Bearings NSK/ Asahi/ SKF

Materials structural steel

Motor SEW-EURODRIVE or Russian-made ones

Conveyed material coarse wood waste

Paint finish RAL 1015 (Tikkurila). Customisable colour