Drum dryers

Our company manufactures customised single-pass and rotary dryers. You can buy industrial drying equipment made of structural and stainless steel. Steel drums withstand considerable loads and are designed for long-term operation. Models made of stainless steel are suitable for use in the food industry with high demands on process cleanliness.

In-house production of drum dryers allows us to meet individual customer requirements and offer optimum terms of cooperation. The LesInTech specialists provide on-site delivery, installation and commissioning of the equipment.
To get a better idea of the capabilities of the dryer machinery, we advise you to read the category descriptions. If necessary, request a consultation. Our staff will be happy to assist you with your choice and will also advise you on any technical questions you may have.

Every drum dryer is thoroughly checked before being shipped to the customer. LesInTech is a reliable supplier and offers a good product at a competitive price. You will see that our offer represents the best value for money in terms of quality.
Purchasing a drum dryer at manufacturer’s prices is more economical than purchasing from intermediaries. In addition, it is possible to order different designs and finishes.