Possible versions depending on the capacity:


2.5 tons/hr.

5 tons/hr.

8 tons/hr.

Rotation speed (adjustable)

2-8 rpm

2-8 rpm

2-8 rpm

Drying agent temperature

Up to 650 °C

Up to 650 °C

Up to 650 °C

Installed motor power

11-15 kW

18-22 kW

22-30 kW


10 m

14 m

18 m


2.2 m

2.8 m

2.8 m

Size (a)

2.8 m

3.4 m

3.4 m

Size (b)

3.2 m

4 m

4 m


15 t

18 t

23 t

  • Operating principle
  • Features
  • Specifications

The metal drum dryer for chips, herbs and other wet substances functions as part of a drying system. In addition to the main drying part, the production line requires a heat generator, pneumatic devices, and loading and unloading mechanisms.

In the single-pass configuration, complete drying takes place inside a single tank. Raw materials not requiring changing operating modes as the moisture content decreases are therefore recommended for drying in the drum.

The rotation of the cylindrical drum stirs the contents. The blades on the walls lift the materials upwards as they rotate, after which they fall freely through a stream of warm air. As a result, the moisture evaporates. This is how plant raw materials, cardboard containers, pellets and granules are dried.

  • Continuous roller lubrication with graphite.
  • Installation of cast tires on spacers.
  • Availability of durable support frames.
  • Heat insulation on the entire surface.
  • 4-roller design.

The load-bearing drum elements are made of structural steel. A toothed ring is used for activation, thus eliminating slippage.

The country of manufacture is Russia. A gear motor and bearings are fitted to the drum. The permissible ambient temperature range is from -35 °C to +40 °С.

Coating colour can be changed on request. With a stainless steel cylinder lining, the industrial drum dryer for bulk materials is highly resistant to corrosion.


Bearings NSK/ Asahi/ SKF

Operating temperature -35 to +40 °С

Body structural steel

Banding structural steel

Frames structural steel

Paint finish RAL 1015 from Tikkurila. Customisable colour