LesInTech has many years of experience in the production of conveyor lines and other auxiliary equipment for the handling of bulk materials. Our team of specialists will design and manufacture conveyor lines of various types to suit the specifics of your plant or factory:

  • Belt conveyors;
  • Roller conveyors;
  • Chain conveyors;
  • Vibrating conveyors;
  • Screw conveyors.

Buying a conveyor system from a manufacturer definitely has a number of advantages, because in addition to delivery of the conveyors themselves, installation and commissioning services are provided, software is prepared and control is set up. At the end, you get an automated system of the required conveyor assembly line with a guaranteed project performance result.

LesInTech is a cost-effective supplier of technological equipment for your company! The price of conveyor lines is negotiated individually and depends on the type and volume of production, so we are always ready to assist in calculating your future project and promptly provide a quotation.

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