Slider Bed Conveyor

Dimensions to equipment diagrams depending on model:

Model А B
SBC-500 540 1225
SBC-650 590 1460
SBC-1000 1040 1950
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This slider bed conveyor is designed for handling bulk goods and materials of heterogeneous types. All the equipment supplied is assembled as individual sections:

  1. Drive station.
  2. Tension station.
  3. Straight sections (1.5m/2m).

Slider bed conveyor from LesInTech is of a modular construction that allows easy replacement of defective parts, units and sections. Transporting the equipment is facilitated. Scrapers that clean the belt and drum are mounted on the production line. They are designed to prevent the material from sticking and discharging outside the conveyor belt. If necessary, scraper position can be changed.

The stationary belt conveyor is fitted with rollers to prevent the belt from being thrown off. Optionally, plastic guides are fitted to prevent waste and dust from entering the belt. The drive drum is friction-coated. The tension station is equipped with a mechanism for manual adjustment of the belt tension. The belt can be delivered as a ring or uncoupled with the addition of connecting fasteners. The wide adjustment range of the drum position simplifies the installation.

The belt torsion is controlled by the installed sensors. Heat-resistant belts can be used. They are corrugated and have a zero backing by default. The width of the strips can be 50, 65, 100 centimetres and max. 60 metre lengths. The standard design supports conveying materials heated to max. 90 degrees.


Bearings NSK/ Asahi/ SKF

Conveyor width 500, 650, 1000 mm

Conveyor type Straight conveyors

Belt corrugated, zero backing

Length max. 60 m

Material handling 90°C (standard design)

Materials of construction structural steel, galvanised steel, stainless steel

Paint finish RAL 6029 from Tikkurila. Customisable colour