Chain conveyors

LesInTech supplies a chain conveyor for sawdust, wood chips, pellets:

  • Chain:
  • Z-shaped;
  • L-shaped;
  • Straight;
  • Inclined.

These machines are designed for conveying bulk materials. All units are equipped with the following modules:

  1. Drive and tension stations.
  2. Straight segments and curved sections. 
  3. Loading and unloading sectors. 

The production of chain conveyors at LesInTech involves the installation of the leading branch from above or below. 100% of the sections are universal and interchangeable and the possibility of temporary stoppage allows loading and unloading at any place. Discharge is controlled by means of a solenoid or pneumatic valve. Equipment is available with sensors detecting circuit breakage and overload. 

Buying a chain conveyor is also worthwhile for another reason — delivery logistics are optimised; all units are made to suit the needs of specific factories and plants. This is why prices for chain conveyors are only quoted after the order has been analysed.