Screw Conveyor With 2 Screws

  • Operating principle
  • Features
  • Specifications

The double screw conveyor operates by means of:

  • Horizontal groove;
  • Semi-cylindrical bottom;
  • Two screws of a certain length.

The screw conveyor will essentially be a chamber with internal spirals, within which bulk materials are moved. In this design, two screw parts are used to extend the discharge window. Bulk material enters the inside of the conveyor through trough openings. It is discharged through the bottom equipped with valves.

The screw conveyor ensures the conveying of large quantities of the required raw material. As the unit is easy to disassemble, repairing and replacing the main components poses no problem. Transporting the equipment is also simplified.

Screw conveyor overload and emergency stop is indicated by:

  • Service hatch,
  • Rotation sensors. 

Additional parts can be insulating hoods for gear motors and remote bearing lubrication systems.

Number of screws 2

Screw length max. 6 m

Screw diameter 100-800 mm


Bearings NSK/ Asahi/ SKF

Construction material structural painted steel, galvanised, stainless steel

Paint finish RAL 1015 from Tikkurila. Customisable colour