Inspection Table

  • Operating principle
  • Features
  • Specifications

The inspection table is a special device designed for visual assessment of round wood quality over the entire surface of the log, including the end planes.
A company’s specialist uses the table to check main log parameters and determine the logs’ gradeability.
The load is driven by a chain mechanism using a built-in gear motor.

The main features of this equipment are as follows:
  1. The mechanism is equipped with toothed racks allowing the logs to be scrolled along their axis comfortably.
  2. The unit is also supplied with built-in special rollers for offsetting the logs to one side, thereby reducing inter-torque gaps.
  3. The table’s shock-absorbing edge ensures soft and smooth operation.

Log diameter max. 60 cm

Log length max. 6 m


Bearings NSK/ Asahi/ SKF

Material structural steel

Load chains European or Russian made