Roller Separator

The dimensions of the equipment are agreed upon individually and depend on the functions to be performed.

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The roller separator is designed to separate the coarse particles of bulk material from the fine fraction. The following materials can be sorted with this screening machine:

  • Wood,
  • Wood waste (sawdust, chips, bark),
  • Household waste.

The unit is driven by a chain gear using an electromechanical drive. The size of the particles screened depends on the roller diameter and the distance between the rollers. Increased capacity is achieved by raising the number of rollers, the cage width and the drive speed. The rollers are manufactured in different designs depending on the application required.

The roller separator is made of high-strength structural steel and all plastic guides are made of PE-1000 ultra-high molecular polyethylene, which significantly reduces wear and tear on the chain. Regardless of the dimensions selected, the equipment has the following technical advantages:

  1. Quick-release hatches for visual inspection of the main components.
  2. The sprockets on the chain drive system allow for easy replacement.
  3. Quick-disassembly frame.


Bearings NSK/ Asahi/ SKF

Type of material to be screened wood

Material Structural steel

Chain made in Europe or Russia

Paint finish RAL 1015 (Tikkurila). Customisable colour.