Fine Air Filter

  • Operating principle
  • Features
  • Specifications

The industrial cyclone filter is designed to clean dusty air of all types of non-corrosive, finely scattered, dry and non-glutinous dust particles not exceeding 0.5 μm in size.

The wood processing aspiration system is a unit consisting of:

  • dust screw;
  • dust hopper;
  • expansion chamber;
  • filtering unit;
  • two-way slide;
  • piping connected to the fan for aspiration of the cleaned air;
  • support frames and walkway for fine air filter maintenance.

Dust extraction units and dry dust extraction systems are in high demand in the wood processing industry. This is because during operation, large quantities of fine sawdust particles remain in the room, which can cause the personnel’s discomfort and impede normal equipment functioning. To enhance your production performance, our industrial dust extraction systems are equipped with the following technical features: 

  1. No compressed air required.
  2. Automated dust extraction using a dust screw.
  3. Possibility of 2 to 8 filter groups.
  4. Maintenance walkway for easy replacement of defective filter bags.

The fine air filter can be purchased easily by ordering the unit on the website. The unit is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use under a shed.

Capacity 26 000 m3/h

Total pressure 155 kg/m2

Compressed air pressure 8 bar

Installation site indoor/outdoor (shed)

Maximum dust concentration at inlet 200 g/m3

Dust concentration at filter outlet 3 mg/m3

Bearings NSK/ Asahi/ SKF

Paint finish RAL 1015 (Tikkurila). Customisable colour