• Operating principle
  • Features
  • Specifications

The big bag packaging machinery (hereinafter referred to as BPM) is a special equipment for automatic filling of bulk products (pellets, granules, etc.) into 2 or 4-string soft big bag containers.

The big-bag packaging machinery is quite popular among producers of dry building materials, in the agricultural sector, and in other companies that use various kinds of bulk raw materials.

The BMP manufactured by our company is a pre-welded metal structure consisting of the following parts:

  1. Base frame.
  2. Receiving hopper.
  3. Weighing mechanism.
  4. Dosing and filling unit.
  5. Control cabinet.
  6. Pneumatic system with actuators, piping, controls and shut-off elements.

The main characteristics of this equipment are as follows:

  1. The station’s control system allows operating it both as an independent unit and as part of the enterprise’s automated control system (ACS).
  2. The unit can be optionally equipped with a dust aspiration system and a diverting rollway bearing (gravitation or driven).
  3. The capacity is 15 containers per hour.
  4. The temperature of the products to be filled may not exceed 80°C.
  5. The dosing tolerance of the BPM with material up to 1,000 kg is +/- 1 count, where 1 count equals 1 kg.

Installation conditions +5 to + 40°C

Power consumption 0.5 kW

Hopper capacity 4.2 m³ to 13.8 m³

Mass 2,300 kg

Capacity 15 containers/hour

Temperature of the products to be filled max. 80°C

Soft container width max. 1,100 mm

Soft case height 1000-2000 mm

Filling spout diameter 200 mm

Max. weighing limit 2000 kg