Detailed breakdown of diagram (see photo):

  1. Hydraulic cylinder
  2. Hydraulic power unit 
  3. Frame with mobile blades
  4. Static blades 
  5. Foundation
  6. Walking floor frame
  • Operating principle
  • Features
  • Specifications

The walking floor is special equipment for receiving, temporarily storing, and continuously feeding raw materials such as chips and sawdust into the processing line.

The walking floor consists of movable and static frames with wedge-shaped blades, hydraulic cylinders, and a hydraulic station. These hydraulic cylinders are used to move moveable frames in an oscillating motion. This allows the blades to move the desired raw material to the discharge area.

The hydraulic station consists of a metal tank with an integrated partition and special hoses. The hydraulic station powers the hydraulic cylinders.

The main features of our walking floor systems are as follows:

  1. Depending on the customer’s specifications, the unit’s width can be increased by adding extra 1,180 mm sections.
  2. The hydraulic station is assembled using Italian components.
  3. The equipment has sufficient capacity for heavy duty operation under increased loads.

The walking floor is made mainly of structural steel. To meet the increased requirements for geometric dimensions, quality European rolled steel is used in the manufacture of the mechanised unit.

Layer height (chip/saw) max. 6 m

Working temperature -15 to +40 °C

Stroke length material dependent

Paint finish RAL 1015 (Tikkurila). Customisable colour.